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A great tool for data collection

Create, edit, and administer your questionnaires on-line; with the Q-sortware it's easy. And free.

More than Q-sort method

Take advantage of the Q-sortware and set up your procedure including Likert scale tests, open questions, multiple choice and more!


  With the Q-sortware, you can complete any Q-sort thank to a very easy drag and drop procedure. Copy the link generated for your study into any email and start collecting data now!  


Data are downloaded in a zip file which includes a csv document. Then upload the file to your preferred software for data analysis.

Guide participants

Use 'Splash screens' to instruct, direct and debrief your participants about the nature of your experiment.

Organize your projects

The Q-sortware allows you to save the most wanted tests/Q-sorts.   


  Do you want to take the best from the Q-sortware? Send an email at info@qsortware.net at any time and get a prompt and professional advice.


Visit the Tutorial section of this website to learn everything about the Q-sortware. Keep checking as the page is constantly updated!


In the Frequently Asked Questions page common issues and technical details are discussed in depth.


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Sharing Knowledge

The Q-sortware is a very easy to use tool for on-line data collection based on Q-methodology studies. Have a look at the demo below to see how it looks.