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The best, and probably the most popular website for your project based on Q-methodology and Q-sort techniques

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Editing menu parameters

The Q-sortware is a very easy to use tool for on-line data collection mainly based on Q-methodology. Have a look at the demo below to see how it looks.

Do you want to take the best from the Q-sortware? Send an email at at any time and get prompt and professional advice.

Upon the creation of your account, a very comprehensive guide is provided, so that you can have some offline support too!

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Ready for the next level? The Q-sortTouch tool is now up and running!

The Q-sorTouch tool is now fully renewed, with a better UI and loads of additional features insighted from feedback provided by customers and professionals since 2017. This software comes with a fee, but for the entirety of 2024 and 2025 large discounts are available for students and professionals/research institutions.

Visit the Q-sorTouch tool portal> Request a quote>
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Password, codes and privacy

The Q-sorTouch allows the administration of Q-sort studies through passcodes and passwords, therefore enhancing the ability to control who is completing the sort while protecting the identity of participants.

A new consent form option is also implemented in order to promote a conscious participation to every survey. At the very start of each task, or series of tasks, formal consent can be required, so no consent, no data is saved.

Explore the Demo >
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Speak your language

More than 15 languages are now implemented. This means that, not only each questionnaire can be administered via a specific language, but that the working environment itself is fully customisable!

Ask away and check in advance if the language(s) you need is available; We can still implement what you need!

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Privacy regulations made right

Privacy matters, hence, we want to make sure you are fully in control of the data collected; have a look at the privacy policy we subscribe on all the platforms and rest assured we are fully GDPR compliant. Our server is stored in the EU territories.

Privacy policy > What is GDPR? >
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Feel free to get in touch at any time, whether you wish some advice on how to take the best out the Q-sortware or found something that is not working as expected. Do not hesitate to send an email at or complete the form below!

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With the Q-sortware, you can complete any Q-sort thank to a very easy drag and drop procedure. Copy the link generated for your study into any email and start collecting data!

Data is downloaded in a zip file which includes a csv document, so that this can be uploaded to the preferred software for analysis.

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